Learn and Develop on the Blockchain easily with AI

Unlock a new level of education with our AI-powered tool. Utilizing the power of ASTRAL fine-tuned on the latest blockchain and DeFi knowledge, guiding both new and expert users in an accessible way through web3 technology and smart contracts.


AI-Powered Education and Development for anyone in Blockchain & DeFi


Automated curation of personalized learning paths based on the user's knowledge and progress

Non Custodial

Operating on a non-custodial basis through the use of a decentralized smart contract

User Friendly

The NLP-based chat interface allows for a user-friendly and intuitive way to access information.

Up to Date

Regular updates ensure that users have access to the latest and most accurate information.


Develop smart contracts or protocols with an integrated development environment, and it's Copilot.


Community collaboration enhances learning through shared content and product creation.


Fine-Tuned Language Processing

ASTRAL offers a conversational interface for information retrieval, with a data-base constantly fine-tuned for up-to-date blockchain and DeFi knowledge.

Built For

Made by explorers,
for explorers

Astral Copilot will equip blockchain and DeFi developers with an advanced Web IDE and the Astral AI Copilot, fine-tuned with all the available code database, to enhance their exploratory and building experience.


Initial Liquidity Locked


Transaction Fee


Max Wallet Limit


Supply Stake Rewards

Tokenized access to Astral Platform utilities

$ASTRAL tokens serve as a way to manage user access, incentivize platform contributions, and to monetize the platform.


Carefully Planned steps for Success

Project ASTRAL is a longterm venture, and we believe in a carefully planned timeline to deliver our utilities!

2023 Feb-Mar
Project Launch
  • Initial launch and social setup
  • Influencer onboarding and marketing
  • Astral Beta and Demo utility roll-out
  • Partnerships and AMAs
  • 2023 Apr-May
    Utility Expansion
  • Mixer-as-a-Service introduction
  • Staking-as-a-Service introduction
  • Secret Utility reveal
  • Listings on CMC and CG
  • 2023 Jun-Jul
    Mass Adoption Campaign
  • Astral Alpha roll-out
  • Astral Copilot and Web IDE
  • Secret Utility Beta
  • Social Media Advertisements
  • 2023 Aug-Dec
    Project Expansion
  • CEX listings
  • Secret Utility Alpha
  • Secret Utility in AppStore
  • Future endeavours...
  • On Chain

    Experience our state of art On-Chain utilities

    Project Astral has released two of its on-chain utilities that can be accessed by holding $ASTRAL tokens. A 100% on-chain Token Mixer to empower decentralised privacy, and a Staking contract to enable easy dApps for partners.

    Powered by

    Made possible by well known industry leaders

    ASTRAL provides a solution for accessible, secure, and personalized blockchain and DeFi education through its combination of NLP, Web3 technology, and tokenization by the following projects.


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    For your convenience now you can swap or purchase $ASTRALdirectly by Card with our integrated Swap!

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    Earn Astral Tokens Passively

    We made it possible for you to earn even more $ASTRAL by staking it in our Stake Pool with no restrictions. Stake and Un-stake anytime and enjoy the big APY supported by our 35% reward pool!


    Trade tokens with the Astral OTC Swap and Packages

    To avoid damaging the chart or reducing the liquidity of $ASTRAL you can swap tokens OTC for 0% transaction fees!


    We have partnered up with Market Leaders

    ASTRAL is happy to share that it's partnering with the following Blockchain Projects that are disruting the market.


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